Sailing on the Waddensea

Sailing aboard a 130 year old ship

Willem Jacob is a daytrip sailing vessel of 26 meters long. The ship is well equipped for sailing the Waddenzee as well as sailing the Dutch inner waters. For example if you would like to take a businesstrip of a family day out.

Daytrip at the Waddenzee and more

Willem Jacob is not only sailing the Waddenzee, she also sails canals and lakes. This broad area of sailing provides a lot of possibilities, for example sailing the Lauwersmeer, taking a trip to one of the Dutch isles or seeing the country-life from the canals. On our website we have provided several examples of daytrips and areas to give an impression of the possibilities. However, these are not limited by those given on the website, we will try to implement all your wishes in our trip. Please contact the skipper to share your ideas and preferences with us and together we will come up with a beautiful trip for you!

History and facilities

The ship is 130 years old, however the interior is moderistic and complete, there even is a fireplace! You will experience the sailing with modern day comfort. Sailing with us is both for active and passive leisure. Some people will need to help us hoisting the sails and leeboards, pull the sheets and so on. However there are plenty of spots were one can enjoy the surroundings. The option to either help or watch makes sailing with us a pleasant experience for all ages and all group compositions.


During the summer months July and August we are sailing between the Dutch islands. You can join us for transportation between the islands or for a sailing trip from one of the islands


Monday 29 April at 10:00
Tuesday 30 April at 13:00
Starting at €112 p.p.

Round trip

Tuesday 30 April at 19:00
Tuesday 30 April at 22:00
Starting at €40 p.p.


Wednesday 1 May at 12:00
Wednesday 1 May at 19:00
Starting at €81 p.p.

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