At the end of the day it can be great to be seated at the bar and enjoy a couple of drinks. In our offered catering arrangements these drinks are not included in the price. Our incentive is to prevent drinking while sailing. Furthermore, this would raise the prices significantly which would be unfortunate for some groups who do not consume bar drinks. Moreover, does the consuming of alcohol not improve safety aboard.

When you choose for catering it is compulsory to consume our drinks, we will take care for the dishwashing, glasses, stocks and make sure everything is cooled. When you choose to arrange for your own catering you can choose whether to consume our drinks or provide your own, please indicate your preference if you book a trip. When you would like to consume our drinks an invoice will be send afterwards (unless other provisions have been agreed upon)


Draft beer € 2,50
Soda (Coke, Orange juice and sparkling water) € 2,00
Wines (Red/white and if available rose) € 3,50
Spirits (Berenburg and Jenever) € 3,00
Tea and coffee Free
Water Free
(All prices are VAT included)


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