Zeilen Lauwersmeer

Sailing Lauwersmeer

National park the Lauwersmeer is a wonderful area to sail, it offers wildly varying views. Sailing is a unique opportunity to explore this wildlife park. It has wide area to sail, narrow passes around a couple of islands were we can moor and several former estuaries which we can explore. The area around the Lauwersmeer is a place with lots of birds, last year a couple of sea eagles nested on one of the banks!

The Lauwersmeer has less swell and wind compared to the Waddenzee. It is an ideal lake for a day of sailing, there are several small towns around the lake, such as Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen and Oostmahorn. An example of how a trip might look like:

At 10.00 you will be welcomed by the skipper and crew with a nice cup of tea or coffee and an introduction about life aboard and sailing. After this brief introduction we set off, we sail out of Zoutkamp right up the former estuary, in the portside bank there are Scottish highlanders.

Depending on the wind we can either set the sails right at the beginning or we have to wait half an hour until we reach open water. After a couple of hours sailing we could anchor, moor at an island of head for on of the towns Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen, Oostmahorn or Lauwersoog. If the weather allows it, it is possible to go for a swim!

After the lunch we set off again, hoist the sails and sail around some more. We could end the day with a BBQ on an idyllic spot.

This trip is merely an example, in consultation with us we could adjust the journey to your preferences.

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