A ship is as strong as the crew is

… Thats why it is important to have a experienced crew on board.
Tsjerk Hoekstra is Captain owner since 2003. But it is better to say that the ship owns us . Because the ship is since 1889 sailed and maintaned by a big group of people. If we maintan her right she will survive us all. In the beginning Tsjerk sailed almost all of the time. Last years we build up a team of experincied proffesionals to share the responisblity for the ship. We are proud to sail on such a beautiful ship.

Titia Schuil-Torenbeek


Titia worked at a bank for 30 years and then entered pedagogy. She was a fanatic windsurfer and led the water scouts Caspar di Robles from Harlingen for many years. The sea continued to move, so now it keeps track of the ins and outs of the Willem Jacob. Feel free to call her, she will be happy to help you!

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